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Jason holds a B.A. in Religion from Luther Rice University, a M.M, M.A.B.S, and an MDiV from Temple Baptist Seminary (The seminary aligned with TN Temple University in Chattanooga, TN). Jason also received the Zondervan Greek Award at Temple in 2013. He enjoys the study of New Testament Greek and church history, and characterizes his preaching style as "passionately exegetical."

Jason was called to full time ministry in May of 2005, and currently serves as the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church Mulvane, KS.

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Order "In Christ" by Jason Velotta

...a message of hope, victory and security through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ...Velotta combines a great blend of theological truth with current illustrations and practical application to explain the New Testament meaning of salvation to our generation.
— Dr. Danny Cochran - Pastor of Holly Creek Baptist Church, Chatsworth GA
“gives us hope that in the midst of pain, we can still love...”
— Dr. J. R. Miller, Southern California Seminary

The gospel-centered life is the only life of peace and victory. Believers don't need another program. We don't need another method claiming to have all the answers. We need a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ. Believers must delve deeper into the truths of the gospel rather than latch on to the newest fads and methodologies. The Christian's standing in Christ is the source for a life of purpose, peace, and victory.

In Christ: finding peace in the gospel, takes the reader on a journey into the biblical truths of the gospel in order to comprehend our position in Christ. The reader also examines what it means to walk in the gospel of grace. The gospel isn't just the baby steps of Christianity, it is not only applicable to the daily life of the believer, but also absolutely necessary to enjoy our life in Christ.

Jason wrote a very provocative book. Pastors and students will benefit from reading this book that takes us back to basics.
— Dr. Benjamin Cocar, VP for Academic Affairs American Leadership Institute and Seminary


When the Sheep Bite gives practical yet biblical counsel to those who have been "church hurt," from a gospel-centered perspective. Far from just another "How to love" book, When the Sheep Bite:

     - Focuses on the gospel rather than cliches and platitudes about love

     - Realistically addresses the difficulty of loving people who are hard to love

     - Does not engage in "church bashing" but honors Jesus' bride

     - Demonstrates how the gospel produces love rather than exhorting people to act lovingly

     - Gives biblical strategies for fighting the sin that stifles love

Life hurts, and loving people is hard. Even well-meaning, godly people can be unkind, but the gospel holds a supernatural power to love, even when the sheep bite.

“an insightful, clear, often humorous, and powerful answer to one of the biggest problems in the church...”
— Dr. Jeff Klick, Hope Family Fellowship, Kansas City