Lesson Audio

Study Outlines

Acts 1:1-11 Preparation For the Kingdom

Acts 1:12-26 Restoring the New Israel

Acts 2 (1-21) The Fulfillment of the Promise

Acts 2:22-47 The First Christian Sermon

Acts 3 - Healing the Lame and Preaching the Gospel

Acts 4:1-22 - The Power of Unbelief and The Gospel

Acts 4:22-37 - Life in the Early Church

Acts 5:1-16 - When Sin Enters The Camp

Acts 5:17-42 - Dangerous Courage For Christ

Acts 6 - Service And Persecution

Acts 7 - Exposing The True Blasphemers (Stephen's Sermon)

Acts 8:1-24 - Simon the Sorcerer / Desiring Gifts More Than God

Acts 8:25-40 - A Witness in Every Situation

Acts 9:1-19 - God Even Saves His Enemies

Acts 9:20-43 Saul the Christian and the Growing Church

Acts 10 - The Gentile Pentecost

Acts 11:19-30 - How God's Kingdom Grows

Acts 12 - Responding To Persecution

Acts 13:1-12 - Attributes of the Great Commission (Opposing Truth With Error)

Acts 13:13-52 - Preaching Christ Brings Offense Or Redemption

Acts 14 - The Attributes of Christ's Witnesses

Acts 15:1-34 Fighting For The Gospel (The Jerusalem Council)

Acts 15:36-41 Fighting Among the Missionaries?

Acts 16:1-15 God's Providence in The Mission

Acts 16:16-40 The Responsibility of being a Witness

Acts 17:1-15 The Gospel Continues in Macedonia

Acts 17:16-34 The Gospel Goes To Athens

Acts 18:1-17 The Work of Christ Through His Witnesses

Acts 18:18-28 The Work of Christ's Witnesses

Acts 19:1-7 The "Almost" Disciples

Acts 19:8-20 "In The Name of Jesus" When an Apron is Stronger than You

Acts 19:21-41 The Gospel Brings Cultural Confrontation

Acts 20:1-12 Eutychus and God's Ministry of Encouragement

Acts 20:13-38 Paul's Final Instructions for the Church

Acts 21:1-17 Finishing the Course

Acts 21:18-26 - All Things To All Men

Acts 21:27-22:30 - Paul's Courageous Covenant Defense

Acts 23 - God's Providential Protection

Acts 24 - Paul's Trial Before Felix

Acts 25-26 - Paul Before Festus and Agrippa

Acts 27 - God's Providence in Action

Acts 28 - The Gospel From Malta to Rome and Beyond